The Stapled Brain is my 60-year comprehensive collection of aphorisms, poems and stories,

 true and fantastic, funny, serious, provocative and outrageous,

scribbled on anything that would hold a pencil mark

and in anything from trains, buses, toilet and bed. 

Hardback; 176 pages; 23 colour illustrations; 29 monochrome illustrations.

 In American Royal format: 6 1/8th" x 9 1/4" (166mm x 235mm).

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Just discovered - two overlooked pieces:


I saw a man upon a train
de-wax his ear into his brain
and flick the fluff from off his suit
and eat the bits from off his boot.

He tugged at cuffs and fiddled tie
and even swatted unseen fly.
I tingled warm with watchful eye
to see him poke and tweak and pry.

Stepping up examination,
unrelenting exploration,
grinding teeth in concentration,
led him up his nose in station.

You know what B. R. is like:
when journey's vital, it's on strike;
when mug is full and seats are taken,
you hit floor - well-stirred and shaken!

Digital manipulation
came within this train's fixation,
so it lurched in pure delight
and jammed his finger out of sight!

The moral here is plain to see
(except for he who sat near me):
"When there's too much stress and strain,
man with twitch poke hole in brain."

SLIMMER (1991/07/10)

When you get thinner,
you'll want a good dinner
to stoke up the boiler
and be a good sinner. 



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