• 2003
RIGHT THROUGH – and Beyond cover

Headscope Records HEDCD 003 (CD album ADD) (p)2003

CD reissue of Ron Geesin "Right Through" LP with the addition of previously unissued trs. 10-15

1. Door-o-plane Gets Its Blades
2. Blades Spin Notions
3. Motion Above Rhythidoor
4. Four Guitars Did Laugh, Then Thought Again
5. Throb Thencewards Thrill
6. Hiding Haul Of Voices, Hail!
7. Shut Out Hailing Calls Through You
8. Gong Of Going Goes Right Through
9. Rhythiano Plonks The Plug Out, And We Follow
10. Rhythiano plonks the plug out, and we follow – alt. version 5'06"

[Sour New Year (suite)]
11. New Year Entry
12. New Year Adventure
13. New Year Ear
14. Rattle That New Year
15. Big Ben's Resolution

The above 'suite' was made for a BBC radio programme in late 1976 and never broadcast.


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