• 1963
The Original Downtown Syncopators white cover and label

John R. T. Davies white label pressing. (10", 33.3rpm, mono LP) (p)1963

John R. T. Davies's studio, Burnham, Bucks. 25th June 1963

Terry Parmenter (cnt); Barry Dunning (tbn); Bob Gordon-Walker (clt); Ron Geesin (pno); Chris Gyoury (dms).

Side 1 (mx. no. DAV LP 301)

1. Tell Me
2. Virginia Blues
3. Alligator Hop
4. Bow Wow Blues
5. Thunderbolt (clt, pno & dms only)

Side 2 (mx. no. DAV LP 302)

1. Eccentric
2. Clarinet Marmalade
3. Weary Blues
4. Shimme Sha Wobble
5. Shake It And Break It



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