• 1970
Atom Heart Mother album cover

EMI Harvest SHVL 781 (12", 33.3rpm, stereo LP) (p)1970

Issued under different numbers in many other countries.

Reissued by EMI - CDP 7 46381 2 (CD) (p)1987

Remastered and repackaged by EMI - 72438 8 31246 2 6 (CD) (p)1994

Vinyl reissued, with some repackaging, by EMI - 7243 8 59861 1 6 (p)1997

The 'Atom Heart Mother' suite that occupies Side 1 of the original vinyl is a true collaboration between Pink Floyd and Ron Geesin. This work was composed by the process of Pink Floyd providing Ron Geesin with a full-length tape of all chords, rhythm and effects, upon which he wrote all original brass, choir and cello structure and melodies. He worked on his own, after a few hours consultation with Divid Gilmour on the character of the main theme and with Rick Wright on the start of the main choir section.

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