• 1988
Magnificent Machines album cover

Themes International TIM 11 CD (CD) (p)1988

Originally made for the film, TV and radio industries (not for sale to the public). Sold to the public by Ron Geesin under licence.

Recorded at Ron Geesin studio, Heathfield, E. Sussex. 1984-5

Ron Geesin (electronic, computer and acoustic combinations) composed, performed and recorded.

All material re-mixed from Geesin's music for the Channel Four TV series "Losing Track", a history of British public transport.

1. In Times Gone By (a)
2. In Times Gone By (b)
3. Pace Of Change
4. The Iron Works
5. Old Boilers Never Die (a)
6. Old Boilers Never Die (b)
7. Machines Of War
8. All Aboard!
9. Steam Up (a)
10. Steam Up (b)
11. Mechanization
12. Wheels Within Wheels (a)
13. Wheels Within Wheels (b)
14. All Our Yesterdays
15. Contradictions
16. The Rise And Fall
17. Machine Power
18. Steady Progress
19. Destructive Force
20. Luxury Class
21. Ghost Train
22. Transportation
23. Move With The Times
24. Odd Moments
25. Just Routine (a)
26. Just Routine (b)
27. Just Routine (c)
28. Rolling Along (a)
29. Rolling Along (b)
30. Rolling Along (c)



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